Retailer Rebate Program

Get Rewarded for your show purchases.
Participate in the 2022 BCA Expo Retailer Rebate Program.

The Retailer Rebate program incentivizes buyers by providing cashback on all purchases made during the BCA Expo. In the program’s first year, 65 dealers participated and nine exhibitors wrote more than $1.2 million in orders.

Benefits of the Retailer Rebate Program for Attendees:

Gain a first look at new products in the industry and receive special expo pricing. By visiting participating exhibitor booths, you will automatically earn cashback on all purchases made on the show floor. 

How It Works As An Attendee


Visit any of the participating exhibitors on the show floor.


When you make a purchase, have the person writing the order fill out the retailer rebate form located at their booth.


Bring a copy of your completed retailer rebate forms with you to the BCA booth before 12 pm on June 24.


After your purchases have been totaled, you will be given a receipt stating your total valid purchases and the total amount due.


Orders will be verified with exhibitors following the show.

Participating Companys

Reward Tiers

On Cumulative Orders of:

BCA Awards:

$500 – $4,999 $50
$5,000 – $19,999 $75
$20,000 – $24,999 $125
$25,000 – $34,999 $150
$35,000 – $44,999 $175
$45,000 – $54,999 $200
$55,000 + $250

BONUS: Buyers who place orders with 5 or more participating BCA Expo companies earn an additional bonus of $50 per company. No limit. $500 minimum order per company.

Questions? Contact:

Rob Johnson at