Marketing Toolkit

Promote your presence at the BCA Expo 2022

Let your friends, customers, and colleagues know that you will be attending the 2022 BCA Expo this June in Las Vegas.  Use these graphics and sample language to spread the word and spark conversation about the in-person expo.

When posting on social media, please tag us @BCAexpo (on Facebook and LinkedIn) and @billiardcongressofamerica (Instagram) and remember to include the new official hashtag, #BilliardExpo.

Sharing the toolkit graphics

Visit our logo library and be sure to include the BCA Expo 2022 logo in company ads, promotional literature, and your email signature.

Download Signature Logo Here


Enclosed graphics are sized for each of the channels below, as noted in the file names:


Attendee Marketing Kit - Twitter


Attendee Marketing Kit - Facebook


Attendee Marketing Kit - LinkedIn
Download Attendee Graphics HERE


Enclosed graphics are sized for each of the channels below, as noted in the file names:


Exhibitor Marketing Kit - Twitter


Exhibitor Marketing Kit - Facebook


Exhibitor Marketing Kit - LinkedIn

Vertical Banner

Exhibitor Marketing Kit - Vertical Banner


Exhibitor Marketing Kit - Facebook
Download Exhibitor Graphics HERE

Sharing directly from the BCA Pages

This will increase the reach of the BCA page and content, and over time grow the presence – the more people that interact with the content, the more it is seen.


Facebook Feed with Share Button highlighted
  • Click share and then a menu will produce the different ways you can share the post. If you want to add your own caption to the post in your news feed, then you will select the “Share to News Feed” option. If you just want to repost the BCA post without your own caption, then you can select “Share now”
    • Suggested copy if you select the “Share to News Feed” option: “We are excited to be together again at the 2022 BCA Expo. Join me in attending and register today!”


  • It will give you the option to add your own caption then click post. For this post, you could add your own caption saying, “You won’t want to miss the in-person #BilliardExpo this year. Register today for the best rates.”

Posting on Social Channels

Sample posts for attendees:

Sample posts for exhibitors: