BCA Expo Retailer Rebate Program

The BCA Retailer Rebate program increases incentives to attendee buyers. You are encouraged to visit the booths of participating exhibitors and receive money back on purchases made during the 2020 BCA Expo.

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Take advantage of discounts and specials from participating exhibitors using the BCA Retailer Rebate Order Form provided in participating exhibitor booths. Don’t miss your opportunity to receive CASH rebates for purchasing on the show floor! When you make a cumulative purchase of $500 or more, the BCA will reward YOU with money back!

2019 Participating Companies:

2020 participating companies to be announced at a later date.

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Visit any of the participating exhibitors on the show floor.


When you make a purchase from participating exhibitors, have the person writing the order fill out a BCA Retailer Rebate Form (all participating exhibitors will already have these forms with them).


Bring all your completed BCA Retailer Rebate Forms to the BCA Booth before 12 PM on Friday, July 31 (or as soon as you are finished writing your orders).


After your purchases have been totaled, you will be given a receipt stating your total valid purchases and total amount due.

Reward Tiers

On Cumulative Orders of: BCA Awards:
$500 – $4,999 $50
$5,000 – $19,999 $75
$20,000 – $24,999 $125
$25,000 – $34,999 $150
$35,000 – $44,999 $175
$45,000 – $54,999 $200
$55,000 + $250

BONUS: If you place orders with more than 4 participating BCA Expo companies, you earn an additional bonus of $50 per company. Bonus starts with Company #5. No limit. $500 minimum order per company.

After the show…

Orders will be verified with exhibitors following the show. Orders that are canceled or not paid will not count toward rewards refund. A W-9 is required for reimbursement. Save time by downloading and completing the W-9 in advance. Order forms will be accumulated per buyer company.

Download W9 Form

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